Silhouette Dermalift Body Treatments to Minimise & Maximise

The Silhouette Dermalift advanced body treatments provide: Inch loss, body lifting, figure shaping, lymphatic drainage and treating troubled cellulite areas. This can be immediately followed up with the unique body enhancing treatment. This particular section has pre-selective programmes to suit your own needs, tightening, friming, lifting, circulation and massage, enabling your therapist to maximise the results of your unique Dermalift body treatment, whist minimising those tell tale signs of ageing.

*Inch Loss

*Body Lifting

*Cellulite Reduction

*Body Toning and Shaping

*Lymphatic Drainage

*Skin Enhancement

*Improved Circulation

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Silhouette Dermalift Faradic Body Programmes

All Zones

A Total Body Workout. This programme will firm and tone all the muscles in the treatments area. This will suit all body sizes, either to maintain muscle tone and body definition or for those requiring body profiling to gain muscle tone and achieve inch loss.

45 Mins - £30.00



This is as ALL ZONES, a total body workout complete with Lymphatic Drainage, again, an ideal treatment for any body size, especially those suffering from surplus water / fluid retention. A specialist programme which works by lightly and slowly pumping the muscles , to stimulate Lymph flow and therefore encourage the removal of toxins and waste products.

45 Mins - £30.00


Thigh & Buttock

To work specifically on a problem area, this programme will effectively shape, firm and trim the thighs and buttocks. Working intensively to improve the muscle groups int he area and the overall appearance. The contractions are deep, fast and effective on this troublesome area.

45 Mins - £30.00



A Total Body Workout, Strong Exercise & Tone. This is a vigorous programme, working intensively on the muscles, also designed to tone the larger muscle groups i.e Back, Arms, Legs.

30 Mins - £25.00


Shape & Tone

This is a superficial muscle workout, Shaping & Toning the overall appearance of the body or the area treated. The programme produces slow, light contractions. Also, very beneficial for easing tense, sometimes painful muscles or as a post natal treatment.

45 Mins - £30.00



Lift and Tone the bust area, restoring firmness and muscle definition. This programme produces a combination of varying contactions, stimulating the Pectorial muscles which support the breast.

45 Mins - £30.00


Fast Slim

Complete Body Inch Loss. This is a deep and fast pattern, fully exercising the muscle groups to give fast and effective inch loss results whilst also firming and toning. Designed specifically for those who have minimum time but require inch loss and toning.

15 Mins - £25.00



Tone and flattern the stomach. This can be a problem area for many, the Dermalift Profile works the abdominal are with deep, fats contractions to produce maximum results.

30 Mins - £25.00


Recommended Use

A course of 10 is recommended over a five week period, with a maximum of two treatments per week.


**Example of Course**


Wk 1, Wk 3 & Wk 5

Treatment1: Lymph

Treatment 2: Workout

Wk 2 & Wk 4

Treatment 1: Workout

Treatment 2: Workout