St. Tropez Tanning...

This specially formulated UV Free treatment features a tan using a spray application in only 15 minutes. Perfect for a busy schedule or a lunch hour treat.

At our health & beauty clinic the spray tan is applied via a special spray tanning system. A trained St.Tropez professional sprays a fine mist of Bronzing solution over your body resulting in an even, streakless, natural looking tan. One application will give the skin a healthy looking glow but if a deeper colour is required a 2nd application can be applied at no extra cost.

Prior to Treatment

To get the best from your tan exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly prior to having the St Tropez treatment. This will give a smoother surface for the therapist to apply the tan. A much better result will be achieved and the tan will last longer.
Always have a trial run 4-6 weeks before the any important occasion, in the rare case of allergies or unexpected results.
Do not wax or shave on the morning of the treatment. Remove all face and body make-up. If possible, exfoliate the day before. Wear dark, loose fitting clothes and sandals if possible when you arrive for your treatment.

Please read below for how to prepare for your St Tropez Spray Tan.

If you would like further information on spray tanning, or wish to book an appointment, please call Nantwich Health & Beauty Clinic Tel: 01270 627970 or alternatively e-mail


St Tropez Spray Tan Advice

The St. Tropez Spray Tan Treatment gives a rich bronze result which will last for days. Professionally applied by an expert and taking no less than 15 minutes, you can expect ultra flawless results. And with St.Tropez's innovative fragrance technology, Aromaguard, the distinctive self tan aroma is eliminated by a minimum of 70%, so you'll smell as good as you look.
For flawless application and even fading, follow these simple steps.

Before Treatment Advice

* It is preferable not to apply any type of perfume, deodorant or aromatherapy oils on the day of your treatment as these reduce the results.

* The evening before or the morning of your treatment, exfoliate your entire body using St.Tropez Body Polish. Pay special attension to dry areas of your body such as hands, elbows, knees and feet.

* If you have areas of self tan build up, use St. Tropez Tan Detox at least 12 hours prior to new application to remove any existing self tan residue. Tan Detox is a luxurious both oil, which comes with an exfoliating cloth, and will help return skin to it's natural tome in readiness for fresh self tan application.. Pay special attention

* Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and dark coloured underwear.

* Please be aware the guide colour can stain light hair, man-made fibres and wool.

* Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24 hours prior to the treatment to reduce sensitivity.

* We recommend you have a patch test prior to every St.Tropez Spary Tan Treatment.

About The Treatment

* The treatment takes up to 15 minutes but you will need extra time to prepare and dress.

* The Spray Mist will dry on your skin in just a few minutes so you can dress straight after the treatment.

* Avoid touching or rubbing the applied tan once the treatment is completed.

* For the short period that your face is sprayed, close your eyes and do not inhale. If you suffer from respiratory problems, please contact your doctor before having a treatment.

After Treatment Advice

* St.Tropez Spray Mist contains a guide colour so you will see a difference straight away. Your tan will begin to develop immediately after your treatment for up to 12 hours.

* Do not shower or bathe for a minimum of 4 hours after your treatment. Far maximum effect, wait for 12 hours.

* Do not participate in any activity which may cause perspiration for at least 12 hours after the treatment

* It is fine to leave the guide colour on overnight and wash in the morning. Some guide colour may transfer to bed linen. This will wash out of cotton but not so easily from man-made fibres or wool.

Tan Maintenance Tips

* With correct aftercare your tan will look gorgeous for longer.

* Hydrated skin is the key to a longer-lasting tan. Apply St.Tropez Body Moisturiser or St.Tropez Body Butter daily to keep the skin moisturised.

* To ensure even fading you need to exfoliate your skin with St.Tropez Body Polish every 2-3 days. This will refine and buff the skin to create an even and longer lasting tan, while leaving your body feeling ultra smooth all over.

* Do not rub, but pat your skin dry after showering or bathing

* Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan.

* If, after several days, you have any areas of tan build up use Tan Detox to bring the skin back to its normal tone.


St Tropez Tan Treatment Times and Cost


Spray Tan - Full Body

*15 Mins - £20.00


Spray Tan - Half Body

*15 Mins - £10.00


Spray Tan - Face Only

5 Mins - £5.00


*Please allow an extra 15 mins for drying time.